16 Jun 2024

Gas analyser accurately measures hydrogen sulphide

SulfurHound H 2 S in Gas Analyser

Keco says petrochemical gas processing facilities, chemical plants and the biogas industry can rely on the SulfurHound H 2 S in Gas Analyser to provide accurate, dependable, and cost-effective measurement of hydrogen sulphide in natural gas pipelines, gas wells, and landfills for quality and process control.

Accurate measurement of hydrogen sulphide (H 2 S) in natural gas, biogas, and air is critical in meeting air quality standards, avoiding pipeline corrosion, eliminating odour, and ensuring public health and safety.

For example, refineries measure hydrogen sulphide to protect process equipment and ensure product quality, while gas processors monitor for hydrocarbon leaks in cooling towers, heat exchanges, and condensate boilers. Biogas, produced from the waste products of treatment plants and landfills, creates H 2 S that must be controlled to avoid harmful odours that emit into the atmosphere.

Many traditional H 2 S analysers provide slow responses, resulting in undetected failures and unnecessary downtime. The company says the SulfurHound H 2 S in Gas Analyser resolves this by providing continuous online analysis based on the electrochemical principle of operation. When analysing gas, the SulfurHound uses an electrochemical detection cell to provide an output proportional to H2S concentration. An output signal is digitised and analysed by an advanced microprocessor and related software. KECO’s H2S analyser accurately and quickly measures H 2 S in real time, giving facility operators critical information needed to treat H2S.

A colour touchscreen LCD provides current reading, previous reading, historical and real-time charts, alarm conditions, procedure prompts, and failure indicators (local and remote). Built for use in Div 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations, the SulfurHound operates without failure or reaction when contacting a process stream. With few moving parts, the H 2 S in Gas Analyser is easy to use and requires low maintenance.

Company info: Keco