25 Jun 2024

Extend Robotics obtains Digital Catapult funding through new Innovate UK initiative

Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult has announced a £500,000 convertible loan note (CLN) investment in technology business Extend Robotics as part of its ongoing role in supporting innovative startups in the early stages of their investment journey.

This first investment is part of a wider scheme led by Innovate UK and the Catapult Network. The new capital deployment strategy enables Catapults to further support innovative startups with disruptive technology in the early stages of investment.

Extend Robotics enables humans to operate 5G-powered robots remotely using extended reality software (augmented and virtual reality, or AR & VR) to create an ultra-precise experience for non-robotics experts to intuitively operate commercial robots from remote locations. Using off the shelf equipment such as headsets and drones, the system has the potential for application in multiple industries, from space to healthcare and viticulture.

Digital Catapult has worked with Extend Robotics since Dr Chang Liu founded the company as a spin-out from Imperial College London in 2019. Since then, it has joined signature Digital Catapult initiatives, such as the immersive accelerator Augmentor and the 5G Testbed Accelerator programme, and has gone on to raise pre-seed funding.

Dr Chang Liu, CEO and Chief Designer at Extend Robotics, commented: “We have received tremendous support and visionary guidance from Digital Catapult since the infancy of the company. Not to mention the access to advice from strategic leadership, technology expertise, network of investors from Digital Catapult, this CLN marks the next phase of deeper collaboration, to unlock the rapid growth of Extend Robotics, to make sure we remain as the leader in pushing the frontier of enabling technology to augment human with robots and AI.”

Digital Catapult has supported thousands of UK startups since it was launched ten years ago and, since 2018, 174 startups have raised over £555 million after engaging with Digital Catapult, including £172 million raised in the last financial year.

Company info: Digital Catapault