24 Jul 2024

Europe’s first look at THE SCARA robot range

TM Robotics

Industrial robot supplier, TM Robotics, the distribution partner of Shibaura Machine, will launch the full THE SCARA robot range to the European market at Automatica 2023. Held from 27 to 30 June in Münich, Germany, Automatica is a significant event for Europe’s robot launches.

Shibaura Machine, formerly known as Toshiba Machine, is a leading Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots. Having engineered robots for over 40 years, Shibaura Machine is respected globally as an expert in automation. At Automatica 2023, TM Robotics will launch the expansive THE range of SCARA robots to the European market, including the newly available THE800 and THE1000 models.

The THE800 has an arm’s length of 800mm and provides precision, accurate movement trajectory and high-speed operation. As the second largest robot in the range, it has a 20kg payload and a maximum cycle time of 0.41 seconds.

The largest in the series, the THE1000 offers the same high payload and can be used in processes requiring a further reach, due to its one metre arm length. As with the entire THE range, both new additions are compatible with Shibaura Machine’s TS5000 controller, to ease robot programming.

These two models are in addition to existing robots from the range. The smallest option, the THE400 exhibits an accurate movement trajectory with high-speed operation with a cycle time of 0.39 seconds. It is specifically designed for precise assembly and inspection applications in the electronics equipment and automobile components industries. The THE600, with a 600mm arm’s length, offers the same high speeds, but with improvements in synchronised control and tracking precision.

All models in this range are compatible with the TS5000 robot controller, the latest controller from Shibaura Machine. This technology is designed to be Industry 4.0 compliant and provides the launchpad for the next generation of Shibaura Machine robots. The controller is 33% smaller than previous models and weighs only 10kg, allowing the factory footprint to be kept to a minimum.

“The THE range offers quality and efficiency and in combination with the TS5000 controller provides a formidable automation solution,” explained Nigel Smith, managing director of TM Robotics. “For anyone wanting to boost manufacturing productivity or is looking to work with TM Robotics as a distributor, end user or systems integrator — we strongly recommend coming to check out our demonstrations at stand 406.”

TM Robotics will exhibit under the Shibaura Machine name in hall B5, stand 406.