12 Jul 2024

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software

IFS Ultimo to showcase further collaboration developments to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software

IFS Ultimo says its ambition is to deliver the world’s highest customer-rated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, empowering maintenance, operations, and safety teams to perform their jobs confidently and proactively.

Alongside this, IFS Ultimo has announced it has recently launched a comprehensive Operations Suite and is working on further enhancements to simplify mobile inspections.

Visitors to Maintec 2023 will be able to visit the IFS Ultimo booth (A58) at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, on 7th and 8th June 2023 to discover more about these latest updates through in-person demonstrations.

The company says in the development towards becoming an optimally profitable organisation, it is crucial that departments work cooperatively from a single source and companies can bridge the gap between production and maintenance with the IFS Ultimo Operations Suite. Through the Operations Suite, users of the EAM software can use the available capacity more effectively, increase the involvement of various employees and respond quickly to information needs with accessible input from first-hand sources. The Operations Suite features sections on shift handover, autonomous maintenance, and downtime analysis.

The autonomous maintenance section has an accessible solution available for asset operators to perform first-line maintenance.

Kris Sage, Sales Director UK at IFS Ultimo commented: “Often actions, such as cleaning, inspections, lubricants or simple repairs, are carried out in practice by operators, but are not registered on IFS Ultimo’s EAM software. Actions that can easily be shifted from mechanics to operators are also often not registered. Through the autonomous maintenance section of the Operations Suite, knowledgeable operators can now complete tasks without lead times and the scarce capacity of technicians can be deployed primarily on preventive and improving maintenance.”

The functionality is designed so that through accessible checklists and visual elements (for example photos) operators can work quickly, using IFS Ultimo’s EAM software, on a tablet or smartphone.

In further developments of the functionality for mobile inspections, accessibility, and user-friendliness are key. It needs to be easy for operators to do inspections quickly and intuitively. In the latest developments, IFS Ultimo is focused on further developing an intuitive mobile experience on the Ultimo Go app, where data can be entered with minimal actions. The app recognises when data has previously been entered, helping to prevent repetition. Updates to the app are also improving the follow-up of findings and measurements.

Company info: IFS Ultimo