15 Jun 2024

Enhancing safety communications

Latest release enhances Mitsubishi Electric's MR-J5 safety Communications

Mitsubishi Electric has announced it is expanding the capabilities of its MELSERVO MR-J5 drives with the addition of Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) compatibility. This latest update enables interconnectivity with industrial automation devices that are compatible with EtherCAT, further enhancing multi-vendor interoperability, flexibility and convergence.

Mitsubishi Electric says its MR-J5 EtherCAT compatible servo amplifiers can be connected to an approved EtherCAT master to control safety functions over FSoE. This TÜV-certified network technology meets the IEC 61508 and IEC 61784-3 standards on safety-related systems and their messages.

This addition enables users in a variety of sectors, including automotive, food and beverage as well as lithium-ion battery production, to simplify First released in English: 02/11/2023 Ref. No. DMA999 Page 2 / 5 safety installations, reducing wiring and costs. Also, industry players can benefit from an even broader industrial automation product base when developing advanced control and safety servo-based applications. Besides, they can easily integrate the new product within existing EtherCAT-based systems to deliver machines with high machine reliability and performance.

The company says as a result, it is easier to plan, commission and manage more flexible safety systems. In particular, this pre-certified product helps to fulfil the safety requirements of machines and streamline development, certification and validation activities while reducing costs.

The new release enhances the capabilities of the well-established MR-J5 series. In effect, the latest range of servo drives from Mitsubishi Electric features key energy saving and predictive maintenance functions within a compact footprint. In addition, users can benefit from equipment with exceptional performance and reliability as well as remarkable uptime and service life.

Oliver Giertz, Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric, comments: “We are thrilled to introduce FSoE compatibility within our MR-J5 range of servo amplifiers, advancing their functional safety capabilities. This will support customers in creating highly effective setups that can play a key role in realising servo-based safety applications. This product will benefit customers with greater flexibility, interoperability and convergence in their industrial automation applications.”

Company info: Mitsubishi Electric