24 Jul 2024

Energy-harvesting sensor

Integral System consolidates its presence in the field of industrial communication with innovative energy-harvesting sensor from TCT

Integral System, a specialist in the distribution and assembly of industrial IT solutions, has announced it has expanded its IIoT portfolio by adding TCT’s E-Green Sensor, an innovative self-powered IoT current sensor which operates autonomously without wiring or batteries.

The company says this sensor, designed in France, uses residual energy recovery technology, or energy harvesting, thus causing no excess current consumption. Installation is done non-invasively using pliers and requires no prior disconnection. The sensor communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and LoRaWAN technologies, covering distances of up to 5 km. The measurements can be read immediately after installation of the sensor in real time on a dedicated mobile application, developed by the Integral System team in partnership with TCT. The sensor is also equipped with an external probe that allows temperature readings to be taken.

Vincent Gache, President of Integral System, comments: “We are proud to present such a revolutionary product as the E-Green Sensor from TCT, along with its mobile app. We continue our commitment to innovation in wireless communication technologies, meeting industry challenges, and paving the way for efficient and easy current measurement. This solution is ideal for the digitalisation of small and medium-sized entities, as well as large-scale industrial applications, also encompassing energy audits and monitoring the consumption of machines or motors. With this strategic partnership, Integral System positions itself as a distributor and developer of cutting-edge technologies in the field of industrial sensors.”

Alexandre Decombejean, Sales Director of TCT, adds: “Over the last few years, Integral System has established itself as a strategic partner of choice, and their technical staff helped us develop the mobile software part of this solution. This resulted in a close collaboration that goes beyond simple distribution.”

Company info: Integral System