25 Jun 2024

Energy-efficient lighting control

The EnOcean PTM216B module offers batteryless and wireless control of high bay lighting for application areas including warehouses and high ceiling environments.

EnOcean says enabling a new era in energy-efficient lighting control, it has introduced the 2nd generation Bluetooth switch module PTM 216B.

The company says this revolutionary energy harvesting module builds upon the success of its predecessor, the groundbreaking PTM 215B—the world’s first energy harvesting Bluetooth switch module and setting industry standards for mesh network lighting control solutions, the new PTM 216B signifies a leap forward in technological innovation.

EnOcean says with its new PTM 216B module, customers can now address even more applications thanks to the use of the latest generation kinetic harvester ECO 260. The combination of the new harvester with the latest generation system design, allows for more than double the radio transmission power compared to its highly successful predecessor, the PTM 215B. This significantly increases the usable communication distance. This enhancement enables control of high-bay lighting, expanding the application areas to include warehouses and architectural projects with high ceilings. PTM 216B brings great flexibility in terms of installation locations and repositioning capabilities. In modern offices with adaptable layouts and flexible walls, the elimination of wiring significantly streamlines the installation process.

EnOcean says its devices such as PTM 216B can be quickly configured using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC is a short-range wireless technology that enables communication between devices in close proximity, typically within a few centimetres. It allows two devices equipped with NFC capabilities to establish a connection by bringing them close together, triggering the exchange of data. A common use is for making contactless payments.

The integration of EnOcean devices into networks via NFC can provide a simple, quick and reliable way of setting up lighting installations:

Simple: no qualifications are required to set it up.

Quick: optimised installation time.

Right first-time: no need to revisit a site to correct any parameters.

The company says thanks to the extensive EnOcean partner and OEM network, energy-harvesting switches based on the PTM 216B and other EnOcean switch modules are available in a wide range of designs from multiple switch manufacturers around the world, all of which blend well into any environment. The combination of these features makes PTM 216B an ideal choice for lighting control and building automation use cases. Official switch OEM partners make use of the “Battery-free by EnOcean” brand to make sure it contains genuine technology from EnOcean for real maintenance-free operation in the field.