16 Jun 2024

End-to-end solution for monitoring

Erqos Launches Revolutionary No-Code Wireless IIoT Controller

Erqos has announced the EQSP32, a powerful, internet-connected Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) controller.

The company says measuring only 70x60x50mm and mountable on a standard DIN rail, the EQSP32 marries the convenience of installation and wiring of a PLC with the processing power, low cost, flexibility, and openness of an embedded computer. The EQSP32 lets electricians, automation engineers and electronics enthusiasts build solutions for a large spectrum of industrial/home automation, remote monitoring and control, as well as instrumentation applications.

A No-Code Programming Revolution: At the core of EQSP32 is a revolutionary No-Code Programming Technology that allows users to bring their automation projects to life with only minimal coding expertise. Users simply need to describe their needs, and Erqos’ EQ-AI Generative AI Programming Assistant generates the code in seconds. The EQ-AI assistant is trained on how to use of the EQSP32’s libraries and pre-built high-level functions.

A Comprehensive End-to-End Solution: EQSP32 is a complete system providing an end-to-end solution from the physical environment to the user’s smartphone. This comprehensive approach incorporates everything necessary to create a custom IoT application, including a range of interfaces for various sensors and actuators, a powerful processing unit, and intuitive software for seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and creation tools for building custom smartphone apps.

An Open Architecture Powered by ESP32: At the heart of EQSP32 is the ESP32S3, a popular SoC known for its high-performance dual-core processor and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. This open architecture ensures users benefit from the vast ESP32 ecosystem, enhancing the potential of EQSP32 with a range of tools and libraries.

Ultra-Versatile and Professional-Grade: With 16 configurable I/O terminals capable of interfacing to all common types of sensor and actuators, RS232/485 communication, and optional CANbus interface, the EQSP32 is versatile enough for a wide range of applications. It’s very compact, professional-grade, DIN-rail mount design ensures a safe, clean and easy-to-service installation.

Expandable and Future-Proof: The EQSP32 features an expansion connector that allows for the easy addition of various future add-on modules, ensuring the system grows with users’ evolving needs. Upcoming modules include a PH meter with Dual Stepper Motor Control for advanced water treatment and instrumentation applications, as well as modules that offer Extra Digital and Analog I/O.

Exceptionally Low Cost: By harnessing the popular ESP32 and concentrating on efficient, scalable design, Erqos has achieved a price point that is exceptionally low for an industrial-grade controller, making advanced automation accessible to a wider audience.

Company info: Erqos Technologies