14 Jun 2024

Driving transformation through generative AI


Microsoft and Rockwell Automation have announced an extension of their decade-long partnership to drive transformation and create efficiencies through generative AI for industrial customers. By combining technologies, Microsoft and Rockwell Automation say they will help in solving one of the biggest challenges industrial organisations and service providers face today – skilled labour shortage and ensuing loss of productivity.  

The first outcome of this collaboration will add Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service into FactoryTalk Design Studio to empower engineers to work more effectively, as well as to automate routine tasks and help expedite design creation.

Rockwell and Microsoft say they recognise that using AI to enhance automation across various roles, from decision makers to control engineers and operators, is a key area where they can come together to help customers streamline their processes and drive worker productivity.

Additionally, Rockwell and Microsoft say they are continuing to explore ways to advance innovation in the industrial metaverse. Both companies are using their respective IoT capabilities, cloud datasets, simulations and AI to design and build products more effectively, more efficiently, and more sustainably.

Company info: Rockwell Automation