24 Jul 2024

Domin celebrates opening of new technology centre 

Domin Technology Centre

Domin recently celebrated the grand opening of its state-of-the-art Technology Centre. The successful event, held on 7 September, was attended by customers, suppliers, partners, and the Domin team. This landmark opening marked a significant milestone in Domin’s journey from humble beginnings in a small attic office to the cutting-edge facility that it is today. 

Eric Bray, the Technology Manager from ADS, who supports the National Aerospace Technology Enhancement Programme said: “Domin has come a very long way, they’ve created a British manufacturing company, which is head and shoulders above their peers today.”

The company’s vision to revolutionise the hydraulics industry, redefining how we use energy and creating a novel way to control motion, was at the centre of the conversation for guests as they explored the Domin Technology Centre.

The new Domin Technology Centre is the consolidation of the company’s high-tech engineering and manufacturing facilities, bringing various sites across Europe and Bristol into one, where the Domin team have streamlined operations and optimised efficiency. This is enabling the team to rapidly develop and produce its innovative hydraulic motion control systems. The company aims to radically increase efficiency and intelligence in motion control across various applications in globally important industries.

Guests and attendees enjoyed tours of the new factory, describing it as smart, professional, innovative, and high performing. The Domin team received accolades for their dedication and enthusiasm towards their mission, making it clear that they are not just employees but passionate visionaries.

Jim Hennen, the Business Development Manager for hydraulic platforms from MTS Systems, part of the ITW family said: “Domin is such an inspirational company for innovation and is creating really a disruptive technology. It is very exciting and the team here some of the best and the brightest.”

A highlight was the official inauguration of the Domin Technology Centre by the Member of Parliament and Minister of State at the Department for Business and Trade, Nusrat Ghani MP. Minister Ghani was impressed by Domin’s cutting-edge technology and its potential to transform industries. She praised the company’s vision and commitment to innovation: “What I’ve seen here at Domin is absolutely fascinating. I am very excited for what it means for advanced manufacturing across all the sectors. Not only reducing the impact on the environment, so reducing the demand for energy, but also for advancing technology in the automotive, aviation, and the maritime sector.”

Marcus Pont, CEO and co-founder, expressed his gratitude towards everyone who attended the open day, customers, suppliers, and staff alike, emphasising their dedication to pushing the boundaries of motion control technology. They shared their excitement about the future and reiterated Domin’s commitment to transforming the hydraulics industry.

Marcus said: “We were thrilled to open our doors and welcome our partners and community to celebrate this milestone in Domin’s evolution. The open day provided a glimpse into the future of motion control. I’m extremely proud of our team who have worked tirelessly to get us to this point. The new Domin Technology Centre provides an ideal springboard as we continue our mission to bring unrivalled efficiency, accuracy and intelligence to hydraulics.”


Pictured: Marcus Pont CEO, and Nusrat Ghani MP opening the new Domin Technology Centre