15 Jun 2024

DIN Rail Power Supplies equipment launch

Buttkereit, is expanding its equipment range with the launch of DIN Rail Power Supplies developed by automation specialists Detas Spa.

Buttkereit, a leading specialist in cable management, has announced it is expanding its equipment range in the UK with the launch of DIN Rail Power Supplies. Capable of operating in a wide range of challenging industrial environments, the Italian-made units have been developed by Automation Specialists Detas Spa.

Managing energy usage efficiently is vital for business operations, whether building cars or on a line producing machine parts. The Power Supplies, available from UK distributor Buttkereit, offer high quality low no-load power consumption, while their sleek design can make them the perfect fit where factory space is limited.

The automotive industry, mechanical engineering, logistics, wind power and the process industry are just a few of the sectors that can benefit from these reliable and efficient compact units. They are available in a wide range of output voltage and current options from 5A up to 40A with switch mode, single-phase and three-phase options.

An ultra-slim design – the smallest dimensions on the market claims Detas – makes them ideal for use in industrial automation, control systems and other similar applications where space is at a premium. This allows for easy installation into tight spaces, an ideal solution for modern machinery and equipment.

Director Martin Buttkereit, said: “We’re thrilled to offer the UK market this exciting kit that can help maintain power supplies in almost any industrial conditions. Our DIN rail solutions are rugged, reliable and highly efficient offering a range of features including over voltage, over current and short-circuit protection.”

Buttkereit is also known for its state-of-the-art cabling products. The firm supplies energy chains suitable for demanding coastal and offshore environments where breakdowns can be catastrophic, and where maintenance is challenging. It offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to safely meet these testing environments.

The company specialises in the field of cable management for a variety of sectors. Products include: cable energy chains, cable entry systems, protective flexible conduit, EMC shield clamps, flexible cable and last but not least LED lighting towers and beacons.

Adding DIN rail power supplies to its range of chain and cable products – many of Buttkereit’s cable entry systems are now available with ATEX certification – has expanded the company’s core areas of expertise in industrial sectors.





Company info: Buttkereit