25 Jun 2024

Digitalising Manufacturing for Better Products and Future Growth – an Epicor Podcast

Digitalising Manufacturing for Better Products and Future Growth – an Epicor Podcast

Epicor Podcast: In This Episode…

What digital solutions did LaptopsAnytime put in place to solve their manufacturing challenges and position themselves for growth? Listen to our conversation with Matt Buscher to learn more about the evolution of LaptopsAnytime’s operations, how digital tools are making that evolution possible, and what attributes manufacturing leaders should possess to bring their operations and employees into the future.

Topics include:

  • The role of technology at LaptopsAnytime and the necessity of digital assembly tools, especially as manufacturing their various products changes each day.
  • The challenges of working with “old school” manufacturing shops that have experience but don’t rely on digital, and younger employees who are digital natives but don’t yet have the experience.
  • What training is involved to get new employees up-and-running, and how manufacturing leaders themselves should continue to be students of new technology and approaches.
  • The evolution of LaptopsAnytime’s manufacturing process, from having everything built off-site to building in-house operations, including manufacturing and assembly — and how technology ties it all together.
  • Why manufacturing companies should challenge themselves to be a different company year after year through continual iteration and upgrades.
  • How working in the restaurant industry and walking station to station made Matt a better manufacturing leader.
  •  Actionable advice to manufacturing leaders about hard work, doing your own research, and continuing to be a learner

Company info: Epicor Software (UK)