24 May 2024

Digital Catapult brings ‘light’ to Northern Ireland companies

Digital Catapult

Up to ten Northern Ireland companies working in manufacturing, construction, meditech and agritech will be able to explore how photonics – the science and technology of light – can help their businesses.

Smart Nano NI, a local nano-tech consortium, has launched the FutureScope Photonics NI programme, a nine-week series of practical workshops showcasing the potential for photonics technologies in industry and delivered by Smart Nano NI member Digital Catapult.

Northern Ireland has unique strengths in the research, commercialisation and manufacture of photonic technologies and the wider adoption of those technologies in industry presents significant opportunities for business here.

FutureScope Photonics NI will provide participating companies with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully introduce photonic tools and techniques in industrial environments in order to augment equipment and process monitoring, quality control and other light-based processes, enabling greater productivity.

Digital Catapult NI, which supports the growth of companies across the region to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies, is seeking applications for the programme from Northern Ireland companies working in manufacturing, construction, meditech and agritech, through an open call which will run until 19 March.

Applications are open to manufacturers at an early stage in their photonics journey or those keen to find out more about photonics technologies and their uses.

Company info: Digital Catapault