19 Jul 2024

Device stacks for industrial applications

RT-Labs release CC-Link IE Field Basic master and device stacks for industrial applications

RT-Labs has announced the release of CC-Link IE Field Basic master and device software stacks as open-source and also under a dual licence.

CC-Link is an industrial network protocol which enables communication between a master (typically a programmable logic controller) and field devices (sensors and actuators). This protocol is particularly popular with industrial equipment manufacturers in Asia.

Both stacks are written in the C programming language and are available with extensive supporting documentation. They have been developed to run on microcontrollers (bare metal or RTOS) and Linux/Windows operating systems for maximum flexibility. In addition, RT-Labs has made these stacks available as open-source for easy access for fast device evaluation and under dual-license (GPL version 3 and commercial). The stacks also include a porting layer, making adapting them for other operating systems straightforward.

These stacks include additional features (not typically included in other CC-Link stacks) which enable a master to search for nodes and remotely set a device’s IP address. These stacks represent an efficient way to integrate the CC-Link IE Field Basic software stack in an industrial project.

Company info: RT-Labs