12 Jun 2024

Cyber secure OT systems

SolutionsPT sets the standard for cyber secure OT systems with annual Cyber SecureOT conference

SolutionsPT, AVEVA Select Partner UK & Ireland, says it is taking the weight out of the security burden by providing the cybersecurity framework to mitigate both known and unknown risks.

Cyber SecureOT is an annual conference that invites OT and IT professionals to join the experts at SolutionsPT, alongside other cyber security industry leaders, including BlackBerry, Claroty, TXOne Network, and Tenable to hear the right advice, best solutions, and latest guidance for a robust cybersecurity framework to keep you’re an OET environment secure. The conference will take place at The National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull on Thursday 20th June from 9am and visitors can explore how to keep their industrial operations secure from cyber threats in a world of evolving pressures.

As well as hosting the annual Cyber SecureOT event, SolutionsPT says it offers NCSC assured training specifically designed to help OT professionals navigate the necessary security framework needed to futureproof and scale their businesses. The Applied Cyber Security for OT Engineers course offers a tailored curriculum, expert instruction, and hands-on learning approach; the training equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively address the cybersecurity challenges inherent in OT environments.

Deon Van Aardt, Marketing Manager, SolutionsPT said: “Our Cyber SecureOT conference is rapidly becoming a crucial event for all OT cybersecurity needs and we remain committed to making this complex topic as simple as possible. While no one-size-fits fits all approach can apply to the varied cybersecurity needs of OT systems, bringing together the very best combination of industry leaders, best practices, services, and world-class products, makes the Cyber SecureOT conference an invaluable resource.”

The full conference programme features sessions delivered by top cybersecurity experts from the likes of BlackBerry, Claroty, TXOne Network, and Tenable, covering important topics:

Anatomy of a cyber-incident in an OT environment

Bringing OT cybersecurity out of the shadows

Work smarter to detect threats and manage risks in your industrial network

Endpoint OT security

Seven steps to security – creating a modern security stack for industrial networks



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