19 Jul 2024

Custom made sensors measure axial forces

Inelta is expanding its product range to include customised ring force sensors.

Inelta is expanding its range of custom-made sensors to include ring force sensors for measuring the axial forces applied to screws, shafts, or axles. Typical applications for this type of sensor – which are also known as “load washers” because of how they are fitted – include determining or monitoring the pre-tensioning forces of screw connections.

The compact models in the new series have an external diameter of up to 60 mm and can record compressive forces of up to 200 kN. Depending on the desired through-hole size, the installation height is just 8 to 11 mm. Another of the company’s developments in this area are the versions with an integrated signal conditioner. Thanks to the full-bridge strain gauge configuration, the stainless steel deformation elements, and flat contact surface measuring just 0.05 mm, the new ring force sensors ensure a very high level of insensitivity to eccentric forces. Inelta supplies the standard models in an encapsulated design together with a matching signal conditioner – and can also be provided with an integrated newton indicator if required. Further versions of the ring force sensor are currently under development at Inelta.

The reliability of a measurement solution not only depends on the use of robust sensor technology, but also on specific design features of the selected sensor models, their application-specific configuration, and correct placement. That is why Inelta, as a specialist in industrial sensor technology, supports its customers with comprehensive application know-how, in-depth advice and, where required, also carries out custom-fit modifications to its products.


Company info: Inelta Sensorsysteme