21 May 2024

Connecting IO-Link sensors to a PC

ifm electronic says its new ZZ1060 IO-Link master kit makes it easy to connect IO-Link sensors to a PC for parameterisation and data retrieval.

The company says this functionality is particularly useful when setting up a new plant, as all of the sensors can be configured prior to installation, which greatly reduces the time needed for commissioning. It is also invaluable when replacing faulty or damaged sensors, as once again they can be preconfigured, which reduces the risk of errors and minimises downtime.

Designed for use with all types of IO-Link sensor, the ZZ1060 kit comprises of an AL1060 IO-Link master with one USB port, a connecting cable to link the master to a standard USB port on the PC, and a cable to link the sensor to the master. Also included on a USB stick is the latest version of ifm’s LR DEVICE software, which enables the PC to access and modify all settings within the sensor, and where appropriate, to retrieve operational and diagnostic data stored within the sensor.

The AL1060 master included in the kit has an integrated voltage converter which makes it unnecessary, in most cases, to provide a separate supply for the sensor. Instead, the converter takes power at 5 V from the computer’s USB port and converts it to a 24 V DC supply for the sensor. Depending on the computer, sensors needing up to 150 mA can be powered in this way. For sensors requiring more current, there is provision for connecting an external supply.

All connections to the AL1060 master use rugged M12 connectors, whilst the master itself features robust construction, making it suitable for use even in challenging environments