12 Jul 2024

Complete grid stability solution

Parker Hannifin and Packaged Aeroderivative GTs: The Complete Grid Stability Solution

Parker Hannifin, a pioneer in air filtration technology and a trusted name in the industry, says it has taken the lead in developing innovative solutions for aero-derivative gas turbines

While the rise of renewable energy is reducing the carbon intensity of the electricity system, managing variable resources like wind and solar also presents challenges. Fluctuations in renewable power can potentially create instability in the electricity grid leading to voltage or frequency changes that can cause significant problems. One approach to managing this instability is through deployment of gas turbines. With the ability to rapidly ramp up or down depending on grid requirements, gas turbines offer an attractive solution and have long been relied upon to provide ancillary services in support of grid stability – a function known as grid firming. However, whereas previously large gas turbines have been the chosen approach, the steady increase in distributed renewable capacity has prompted a shift to smaller aero-derivative machines that can offer an agile solution for grid firming at a local level.

Aero-derivative gas turbines offer better rapid response rates and flexibility to support intermittent renewable resources, as well as high efficiency during part load and low minimum load capabilities when operating as a fast response spinning reserve.  In addition, they are quick to install and relatively easy to transport. Similar to large, advanced gas turbines, aero-derivative machines also depend on efficient and effective air filtration to sustain optimum performance.

Particulates such as dust and grit, sticky materials like insects or hydrocarbons, and corrosive materials like salt can significantly impact gas turbine performance. Such materials can erode, corrode or stick to the blades, dramatically lowering efficiency and increasing service and maintenance costs. Effective filtration can avoid these issues but demands a sophisticated and comprehensive design approach to deliver clean air without introducing excessive restriction on the air flow across the filtration system, as this too has a negative impact on turbine performance.

With its extensive R&D capabilities, in-depth understanding, and extensive experience of developing air filtration systems for gas turbines, Parker Hannifin says its ability to package small yet flexible, modular innovative solutions for aero-derivative machines is unmatched. Tailored to aero-derivative applications, Parker Hannifin’s modular filterhouses are lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, install and commission, while also optimising air flow and aerodynamic performance. Deploying tools like advanced CFD modelling and computer simulations, careful material selection and superb quality control supports a minimum size and weight while also ensuring the filtration system is configurable to match the specific local site conditions.

Developed in partnership with leading turbine OEMs, Parker Hannifin says its versatile 9th generation compact modular multistage filtration system covers the full suite of aero-derivative turbine filter equipment. From the filterhouse, filters, silencer, winterisation kit, chiller or evaporative cooling and noise abatement options, Parker Hannifin says it can ensure a reliable, rapid start and high cycling capability for the aero-derivative gas turbines that are helping to support an energy system that is increasingly dominated by renewables.