15 Jun 2024

Cell voltage monitoring solutions

Hystar uses SMART TESTSOLUTIONS cell voltage monitoring solutions in its 1 MW PEM electrolysis system.

Hystar has announced it has commissioned SMART TESTSOLUTIONS to implement a CVM system for monitoring its 1 MW containerised PEM electrolyser being installed at Kårstø, Norway at the end of 2023. The system is to include the measurement technology for recording the individual cell voltages in the electrolyser as well as the cell contacting, wiring and housing.

Up to now, the systems for monitoring the individual cell voltages (Cell Voltage Monitoring/CVM) of electrochemical cells from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS have been used primarily in fuel cells. Hystar will use them to monitor the cell voltages in the stacks of its new containerised PEM electrolyser for the pro-duction of green hydrogen and, if necessary, also use the measured values to control the system. To this end, two electrolyser stacks will be equipped with a CVM from SMART.

An important part of the project is the design of the cell voltage tap on the bipolar plate of the Hystar electrolyser. Cell contacting is highly dependent on cell design, and SMART TESTSOLUTIONS has decades of experience in this field.