24 Jul 2024

Bubble detecting sensors protect pumps


Baumer says helping to protect pumps from running dry and detecting even the tiniest bubbles in flow control applications is a good example of where system engineers need to prevent unwanted and expensive downtime due to pump malfunction caused by unwanted gas inclusions and the development of the PAD20 sensor (a finalist in the recent Food Tec Awards) is a good example of its innovative range of sensors.

The company says this ‘smart’ sensor helps to protect pumps from running dry whilst also helping to ensure maximum system performance and optimum use of resources. However, the PAD20 sensor is not only good at protecting pumps as reliable detection of gas bubbles also optimises the energy efficiency of cooling and heating systems in industrial applications. The sensor has the ability to measure air in all types of liquids regardless of whether liquids are pasty or viscous, reliably and fast. Another good example is where the sensor has helped a major dairy manufacturer solve the decades old problem of containers not being fully emptied.

In summary, Baumer says PAD20 sensors are an effective, robust solution for detecting air and gas bubbles in any liquid or viscous media such as fruit preparations, cooling agents (DC>1.5) and particularly in harsh ambient conditions. Switching outputs are individually adjustable with IO-Link (2) for definition of switching range, or two-stage alarms (early warning) and they provide optional multi-colour process visualisation through 360º of switching state.

Baumer says the nomination of the BAUMER PAD20 ‘Bubble Sensor’ for the 2024 Pump Industry Awards once again recognises the contributions and abilities of the company to push the limits of sensor technology. The innovative PAD20 sensor was shortlisted for the international awards in two categories; ‘Product of the Year’ and ‘Environmental contribution of the Year’.

Company info: Baumer