12 Jul 2024

Bringing data together

HBK has launched an upgrade for its innovative software platform, BK Connect

Test and measurement specialist HBK has announced it has launched an upgrade for its software platform, BK Connect, providing greater scope within many of the tools, such as Indoor Pass-by, which helps automotive manufacturers ensure their vehicles comply with strict, pass-by noise regulations.

HBK says improvements to indoor pass-by include imports where users can define the applicable standard for each test and the ability to export import tyre noise correction data according to the ISO362-3 standard. The SPC Validation sub-task now helps engineers fine-tune condition number thresholds before performing full pass-by SPC calculation.

A new Team Search File Import With Mapping task has also been added, providing users with more streamlined access to search the repository for data using metadata, then map the metadata from the indexed file to metadata used in BK Connect according to BK Connect’s data model objects: Project, DUT, Test, Test Condition, Setup and Result.

Other additions to BK Connect Structural Dynamics include the possibility to save residuals calculated during the modal parameter estimation in mode tables and use them for FRF synthesis.

Updates in BK Connect Array Analysis can enable users to calculate particle velocity for SONAH measurements and – in playback mode – export the results from all mesh points to a UFF file or Microsoft Excel in a single operation, making it simpler to correlate measurements and analyse the results. And the rpm profile from a tacho probe or CAN bus can now be shown together with the spectrogram.

BK Connect is a fully integrated user-centric software solution for multichannel data acquisition (with industry‐leading LAN‐XI hardware), data processing, data management and reporting. Its structure and concept are based on user-configurable workflows that provide users exactly what they need when they need it. This can reduce the risk of error and the need for customer-specific development – while maintaining the full feature richness of a modern analysis platform.