21 May 2024

Boosting order throughput

Sparck launches auto-infeed capability for CVP fit-to-size boxing systems

Sparck Technologies has announced it has introduced an auto-infeed feature for its advanced range of CVP ‘fit-to-size’ packaging systems, enabling ecommerce businesses to boost order throughput with reduced dependency on labour. 

The company says the ground-breaking innovation provides reliable and consistent automatic induction of items into Sparck’s CVP ‘right-size’ packaging machines. Suitable for a wide range of single flat-bottomed boxes, the automated infeed mechanism maximises the throughput potential of the CVP Everest and CVP Impack systems, with rates of up to 1100 boxes per hour achievable.

With no need for direct human intervention between upstream order-picking processes and the fast, automatic production of ‘right-size’ ecommerce boxes – cut, formed, sealed and labelled, ready for dispatch – exposure to risks, such as labour shortages and sickness, are significantly reduced. Flexibility to ramp up easily for peaks is an added bonus.

Sparck says its latest technological leap closes the gap between order-picking and packing, enabling ecommerce and multi-channel businesses across a broad array of sectors to offer their customers secure and compact boxed orders prepared with complete accuracy, and without manual intervention.

A combination with manual operation is also an option. With twin-feed machines, auto infeed may be used in parallel to manual induction, which is useful where multiple item orders or irregular/soft products also need processing.

Sparck says its market-leading development offers major benefits for businesses looking to increase capacity at peak, while reducing dependency on labour. In addition, the innovative system minimises exposure to risks and costs associated with poor labour availability, increases in National Living Wage rates and sickness at peak times. Removing the need for manual induction to Sparck’s advanced CVP machines also frees valuable labour resources for more complex tasks.

Jo Bradley, Business Development Manager at Sparck Technologies says: “Automating the interface between order-picking and ‘fit-to-size’ packing has been a ‘Holy Grail’ for the sector for a number of years. Creating a smooth, seamless process free from human intervention has not been easy, given the complexity of the task, but now we have developed technology that aligns and positions individual items for induction into our CVP machines with great speed and accuracy.

“The move takes out cost, increases throughput and offers ecommerce business the reassurances they need to tackle peak demand with confidence. This new capability leads the industry in ‘right size’ fulfilment.”

With the capability to tailor-make up to 1,100 packages per hour, for multiple or single item orders, Sparck’s CVP Everest and CVP Impack packaging systems offer automated solutions for ecommerce operations challenged by increasing order volumes, labour shortages and growing demands for sustainable packaging solutions. With installations across Europe, the US and Canada, the CVP Automated Packaging Solutions effortlessly, create, fill, fold and label each parcel in one seamless process – reducing package volumes by up to 50%, cutting cardboard usage by 30% and eliminating the need for void fill.

Company info: Sparck Technologies