12 Jun 2024

Battery-powered vibration sensor

ifm's VWV vibration sensor (application)

ifm has announced its latest innovation – the VWV series of battery-powered vibration sensors and says this advanced sensor series is poised to transform machine monitoring with its state-of-the-art features and seamless integration capabilities.

The company says the VWV vibration sensor is crafted to deliver comprehensive vibration and temperature monitoring, even in hard-to-reach spots, ensuring peak machine performance and proactive maintenance. Boasting a wireless design and intelligent mesh topology for efficient data transmission, the VWV sensor offers swift integration and reliable communication, making it a perfect fit for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Key features and benefits include measurement axes VWV001 (1 axis) and VWV002 (3 axes), measuring ranges for vibration (-16…16 g) and vibration velocity (0…25 mm/s), frequency range from 10 to 1000 Hz, ambient temperature range of -30 to 80 °C, and robustness and durability with an IP68 rating.

ifm says the VWV sensor excels in overall vibration and temperature monitoring, enabling early detection of potential machine issues. Leveraging wireless technology and a long-lasting battery, the VWV sensor ensures uninterrupted monitoring for a minimum of four years, reducing downtime whilst maximising operational efficiency.

Tailored for manufacturing, automation, and predictive maintenance industries where precise machine condition monitoring is vital. Geared towards maintenance engineers, reliability professionals, and plant managers seeking proactive and data-driven maintenance strategies to prevent potentially catastrophic failures of critical assets.

The VWV sensor’s standout feature is its user-friendly integration with the moneo IIoT software, facilitating quick data analysis and visualisation for informed decision-making. The gateway’s open standard interface allows seamless data transfer to IT systems, ensuring optimal condition analysis and accelerated maintenance interventions.