14 Jun 2024

Automated transport systems in hospitals

ek robotics launches transport platform MEDI MOVE

ek robotics has announced it has launched a new transport platform for the healthcare industry.

 With the MEDI MOVE model series, the company says it is expanding its product portfolio for the international healthcare industry. The new transport robot is designed for high transport performance in 24-hour operation and meets the highest transport requirements in hospital operations.

With its customised design and high performance, the MEDI MOVE has been conceived for automated transport systems (ATS) in hospitals. Here, the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) navigate through underground route networks as well as over several floors to deliver to hospital wards, sterile departments and nursing areas. Precise deliveries of meals and medications, as well as the transport of laundry and waste to disposal stations, will be among the main activities of 51 MEDI MOVE transport robots in one of Germany’s leading hospitals in the future. ek robotics says the automation of internal hospital logistics is part of the core competence of its comprehensive solution portfolio. Numerous international hospitals are equipped with its AGVs, which have already been providing optimisation of internal goods transport for several decades.

“The MEDI MOVE is a result of  extensive expertise in the health care sector. With the transport robot, we are not only expanding our comprehensive product portfolio, but also offering our global customers an optimal transport platform for complex requirements with the highest hygiene standards, 24/7, 365 days a year,” reports Ronald Kretschmer, CSO at ek robotics.

To make maintenance work as easy as possible, the design of the MEDI MOVE was rethought from the ground up by the company. The AGV is made of stainless steel and is equipped as a transport platform with a lifting table for picking up and dropping off loads.

In a current project of a renowned clinic in Germany, the MEDI MOVE fleet, consisting of 51 vehicles, handles more than 2,000 fully automated transports. With a maximum total load of 500 kg, all goods for daily hospital needs will soon be transported efficiently. The MEDI MOVE has a self-supporting stainless steel chassis and lifts the loading equipment by a maximum of 170 mm with two electrically operated screw jack units. Before driving, the load is lifted enough to clear the areas of the personal protection laser scanners and provide 360-degree all-round visibility for maximum safety in the field. A special feature: the precise synchronisation of both lift motors is handled by an integrated calibration unit, which enables accurate lifting and lowering to within tenths of a millimeter. Due to its symmetrical 6-wheel configuration, the MEDI MOVE is able to rotate around its own centre point and requires little maneuvering space. With a length of 1900×600 mm and a dead weight of 400 kg, it is suitable for a floor change via the most common freight elevators. At the same time, the MEDI MOVE is exceptionally powerful, achieving travel speeds of up to 1.7 m/s for high overall performance even at maximum total load.


Company info: ek robotics