25 Jun 2024

Advanced thermal imager for inspection, process monitoring and operational safety

ThermoView TV30 thermal camera

Fluke Process Instruments has announced it has launched the new ThermoView TV30 thermal camera for factory automation and asset monitoring.

The company says the rugged, fixed-installation infrared camera measures a wide temperature range from -10 °C to 1300 °C (14 °F – 2372 °F) and provides an unrivalled scope of features and functions. The standalone camera provides full connectivity for easy integration with a PLC via OPC UA or MQTT.

The new ThermoView TV30 thermal camera provides 24/7 monitoring of critical production processes or assets and real-time analysis and feedback to control systems to assure adherence to set temperature values and avoid downtimes or costly repairs. Users can program Areas of Interest (AOI) with individual tolerances and automatic alarms.

The thermal camera is powered via a 24VDC power supply or Power over Ethernet. It features a remote motorized focus. Three lens options are available with narrow or wide fields of view for different working distances. The camera housing is rated IP67. The manufacturer provides a full range of accessories for mounting outside or in hot, dusty or dirty environments.