24 Jul 2024

Acquisition expands expertise in vibration monitoring and analysis

Ingersoll Rand Hi Line acquisition

Megger has announced the acquisition of Diagnostic Solutions Limited (Diagsol), a UK-based company with over 25 years of expertise in vibration monitoring and analysis of rotating machines within the predictive maintenance sector.

Diagsol has developed a variety of vibration measurement solutions, including the MEMS and Piezo battery-powered wireless systems (vCube and vCube Pro) and their flagship 16-channel 24-bit intelligent dynamic data acquisition system (vBridge). These solutions feature local intelligence through Edge link devices and are compatible with cloud data systems, facilitating advanced downstream analysis and reporting.

Damon Mount, Megger’s Director of Business Development, commented, “We’re excited to have Diagsol as part of the Megger family, significantly enhancing our motor testing portfolio with their world-class vibration solutions. On-line vibration analysis is a common method for monitoring rotating machinery, and having Diagsol onboard expands our offerings in this market.”

Tom Scott, the former Managing Director of Diagsol, added: “The addition of vibration diagnostics to Megger’s existing motor analysis capabilities represents a significant advancement in our product range and market sector. Watch this space for future developments.”