24 Jul 2024

Accelerating the early design process

Graphisoft unveils AI-powered Visualizer for Archicad
Graphisoft, a leading building information modelling software developer for architecture and multidisciplinary design, has announced it has introduced Archicad AI Visualizer.

The company says powered by Stable Diffusion, an AI-driven image generation tool, Archicad AI Visualizer creates detailed 3D visualisations during the early design stages thanks to a simple user interface optimised for architecture and interior design.

Announced last year, Graphisoft says its Adaptive Hybrid Framework technology enables the fast and high-quality delivery of new capabilities and the integration of innovative technologies — like AI — in the company’s solutions. “Our Adaptive Hybrid Framework approach lets us quickly and effectively integrate innovative technologies like the AI Visualizer into our tech stack. This is just the first example of how we can integrate it into new capabilities inside our software,” said Zsolt Kerecsen, Vice President of Software Success at Graphisoft. “With many new projects underway, Graphisoft customers can expect to leverage additional AI-enabled solutions to do what they do best – design great buildings.”

At Graphisoft, AI technologies are used in multiple business areas to streamline operations and positively impact software development, localisation, support, and marketing communications. For example, using AI tools for instructional videos, Graphisoft says it provides materials in multiple languages, making those increasingly accessible. “By integrating AI into our software production processes – including localisations — we can better serve our customers and deliver our software faster and in higher quality,” says Kerecsen.

Archicad AI Visualizer is available to all architects and interior designers interested in exploring the future of AI-powered architectural visualisation and providing feedback on their experience. “The buzz around AI breakthroughs has shaken up the tech industry as a whole, with the promise of enabling increased creativity,” said Márton Kiss, Vice President of Product Success at Graphisoft. “We want this tool to be tested in the real world by real users where they need it most — early in the design process when exploring designs and communicating with clients.” The AI Visualizer will be available for Nemetschek Group brands Allplan and Vectorworks in the coming months.

Archicad AI Visualizer is integrated into Archicad, so no additional purchase is necessary. Users create a simple concept model in Archicad. Then, using text prompts or a few descriptive words, like ‘a modern office with wood surfaces,’ generate any number of refined design variations — without creating detailed models for each. The tool produces design alternatives in the early design phase by adding details, context, and ideas to the original concept.

The company says the interface is easy to use, and prompts and results are optimised for architectural and interior design workflows. Intellectual Property rights are fully protected thanks to the local storage of source images on users’ computers. Users can specify image sizes, vary the number of iterations to speed up image generation, edit the prompt strength for more precise results, and much more.



Company info: Graphisoft