12 Jul 2024

Accelerating autonomous machine development

Danfoss Power Solutions launches A+ software

Danfoss Power Solutions, has announced it has formalised its software offering for autonomous off-highway machinery. Designed for in-house engineering teams at original equipment manufacturers and distributors, A+ software can reduce development time and costs.

A+ software consists of preprogrammed and pretested software blocks built into Danfoss’ XM100 autonomous controller hardware. Each block covers key areas such as perception, positioning, and navigation. A+ software enables users to add autonomous functionality by integrating the blocks into their machine applications, eliminating the need to develop software from scratch.

A+ software is offered in two tiers: A+ Essentials and A+ Advanced. Included with a PLUS+1 professional license, A+ Essentials provides basic software tools and blocks to get users started on autonomous machine development. A+ Advanced is a paid solution that provides advanced software blocks and access to future A+ Advanced features and updates.

“Autonomous functionality is improving machine performance and safety and helping relieve labour shortages across a number of industries, particularly specialty agriculture, animal husbandry and airport ground support. The benefits of autonomy are wide-ranging, making it a powerful solution.” said Peter Bleday, head of Autonomy, Danfoss Power Solutions. “OEMs that adopt autonomous functionality early stand to gain a significant advantage. With our new A+ software, we can help OEMs get to market faster with machines that stand out from the competition. Danfoss has both the solutions and the expertise needed to guide companies on the road to autonomy.”

In addition to software, Danfoss says it offers engineering services and a broad portfolio of hardware required for autonomous functionality. The company’s Autonomous Custom Engineering Services team can help OEMs by providing hardware selection support and full or partial machine

Company info: Danfoss