25 Jun 2024

10 million global iSIM devices forecast

Over 10 Million Global iSIM Devices Forecast Within Two Years

A new study from Juniper Research, has found the global number of iSIMs (integrated SIMs) installed in connected devices will rise from 800,000 in 2024 to over 10 million by 2026. 

It cited the GSMA’s SGP.41/42 specifications, anticipated to launch by end of next year, as a key driver of this 1,200+% growth. The specifications will streamline and standardise iSIM-enabled device deployment.

An iSIM is an eSIM (embedded SIM) form factor built directly into existing device components; eliminating the need for a separate SIM module.

The GSMA specifications simplify and outline IFPP (In-factory Profile Provisioning) capabilities; allowing iSIM profiles to be uploaded to a device during production. IFPP allows manufacturers to ship devices to end users with cellular connectivity pre-configured to the desired cellular network; simplifying supply chain and production processes.

As a result of this increased convenience, the research predicts the number of iSIM connections will rise to 210 million by 2028 globally. It identified use cases such as smart energy meters and remote logistics as being primed for immediate adoption; owing to requirements for power-conscious and small form factor devices.

In order to prepare for this growth, report author Elisha Sudlow-Poole recommended: “eSIM vendors must ensure that they provide standard-agnostic platforms that are flexible to upcoming form factors, standards and use-case demands. Additionally, eSIM vendors must develop trusted partnerships with manufacturers to ensure adoption of iSIM connectivity services once it becomes demanded in the market.”

The research suite offers a comprehensive assessment of the eSIMs and iSIMs market to date, including insightful market analysis and in-depth forecasts for 60 countries. The dataset contains over 143,000 market statistics within a five-year period. It includes a ‘Competitor Leaderboard’ and Country Readiness Index to examine current and future market opportunities.



Company info: Juniper Research